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Development, design and training

Providing support for your custom web project and mobile app development based on your needs.

Who am I ?

Rémi Vinatier, business advisor for 10 years in major french company, until I felt no more aligned, I moved as web and mobile app developer. I started to creates my first websites when I was at secondary school for fun, I continued deeper and train myself over the years. Therefore, I've been asked by my entourage and professionals thanks to word of mouth to perform their website in parallel with my job. In my personal life, I have been interested in personal development and spirituality. I started to be aware of my creative power and it could be used for a better purpose. I felt out of my place in the company I was working for and I felt my skills weren't used. I finally decided to quit my job to do a full stack JS developer training and afterwards, I launched entirely on my own as freelance web and mobile application developer. Today, I combine my developer skills, my passion for personal development, my observational qualities, empathy, perseverance, benevolence to identify the energy of the individual, company and its position. Thus, I help my client to better define itself and highlight their projects and services.

How can I guide you ?

I advise, train entrepreneurs and companies to define and optimize their position et their digital strategies. Also, I develop websites and mobiles apps with following technologies : - PHP: Laravel, OOP, MVC - SQL - JavaScript - MERN Stack (React, React Native, NodeJS and MongoDB) - Git

What's the next step for a web/mobile app project ?

I take care to find the best solutions for you and make your project a success.



We examine together your needs to fulfill your project. Then, we'll be even to define the solution based on your needs together.


Project's achievement

After collecting all necessary elements for the project. While I build your website/mobile app, as partner, I give your updates on your project.



I guide you and explain you how to manage your content and I remain at your disposal for any question.

My services

Which services I propose ?

Find a non-exhaustive list of services I propose you to guide you for the achievement of your project


I advise and train people on web marketing tools, improving user experience, on CMS, WordPress particulary and programming languages.


To improve customer experience, I take care to propose you a sober website, elegant, modern and of course responsive (adapted on each screen width) and conform to your request.


Sit back and relax, I manage and administer your website to garantee an optimal security and continued stability.


Custom Web development to propose the best solution for your project and answer as accurately as possible for your needs.

Regular Follow-up

I keep you informed regularly on your project's progess, I stay awake to respect each of your demands and propose relevant ideas for your project.


I guide you to optimise your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process and increase your visibility on search engines.

You have a specific need ?

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Some needs have to be custom and require a specific attention. Contact me today to complete your custom website.

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